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– Chet, Beeville, Texas

"If you have employees or rental units, you need these. If they don't own it, they drive it like the stole it. Skid Steers look awful and get mangled way to easy with the inexperienced drivers. These guards keep them working and looking good."

ssv, kubota ssv, skid steer, coupler guard, hydraulic coupler guard, skid steer armor

– Anonymous

"Skid Steers should come with these guards. Too many fragile components exposed to easy damage. And we don't drive them like delicate sports cars either."

ssv hydraulic coupler, coupler manifold, kubota ssv skid steer

– John T.

"My skid steer sat at the dealer for 3 weeks waiting to get fixed. At $100/hour, that adds up. Besides the lost income, we were down a machine which slowed down the job. What a pain. I wish I had these guards beforehand. All my machines will have guards now."