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Made in the USA


Made in Texas. USA. By Americans. We take pride in our product, our welding, our finishing, and our overall quality. We work in our skid steers too, and we developed ArmorDillo Guards to keep operators safe: mulching, ranching, brush clearing, construction or daily chores. We have pride and honor in our work and our name.

Purpose Designed


Our products were designed especially for the specific skid steer model. They fit so well, they look like they came on the machine. Our designs and products are patent pending, and we have been making them since 2014.

Our Quality Promise


We created problem solving solutions to damaged equipment and skid steers sitting in the mechanic line at the Kubota dealer. Our ArmorDillo Guards save time and money, as well as protect your investment in an expensive machine. Keep making money and get the jobs done faster-protect your skid steers with ArmorDillo Guards.

Guards Designed for your specific machine

SVL Guards

Kubota skid steer SVL light guard.

SSV Guards

Kubota SSV skid steer hydraulic coupler guard.